Check Out The Top 7 Erogenous Zones In A Woman’s Body!

The women are considered as one of the most mysterious and difficult to interrupt human beings on earth! Well, it is true to a great extent, and we are not complaining! The mysterious tag makes it more interesting! While you wrap your head around the various behavioral characteristics of women, we can help you to crack the nut of the top 7 erogenous zones for women!The link gives you the perfect insight into the places to touch her during a lovemaking session.

So, just like Monica from the popular tv show Friends disclosed the top seven erogenous zones in a woman to Chandler, we are here to teach you the same secret exposed by Monica.

Her Ears!
Ears are the perfect spot to start your game. Just a gentle touch and a sensuous stroke can send shivers down her spine and make her yearning for more! You could even use your tongue or slowly nibble her earlobes. This can set the fire burning and arouse her desires.

Sensuous Lips!
It goes without saying that lips play an important role in one’s sexual life. You can just raise the heat of anticipation by kissing her near her lovely lips and not on it. Tease her with lip foreplays that arouses her senses.

Coquettish Nape And Neck!
The back portion of the neck and the nape are one of the most sensitive areas of a woman. Flirt with her and kiss her neck. Proceed to nibble her nape and whisper sweet nothings in her ears. She is sure to be sexually aroused and attracted to you!The back portion of the neck often remains one of the most unexplored areas. Tickle gently on the back and make her yearn for you!

Fondle Her Breasts!
It is no unknown fact that men go crazy over women’s breasts. But make it slow guys! Slowly tease her and build up the heat! Be slow and don’t just pounce on it! Don’t go crazy and squeeze it too hard. Be soft and gentle. Start by touching and caressing them. You could proceed further by the way she responds to you.

Be a bit careful in this erogenous zone. Remember to look for her consent as you proceed. If she shows signs of arousal and pleasure, you can proceed further. Just remember to check the cues!

The Sexy Inner Thigh Areas
This is also one of the most forgotten areas when it comes to foreplay. You could play around with your fingers, caress her and make her yearning for more!

The Most Obvious Zone- Vagina!
There are no pointers for guessing this erogenous zone as this is, of course, the most obvious of all! Men do tend to get crazy around the vagina and push it maybe a bit too much. Take it, slow guys! No woman likes to be pounced upon especially in the vagina area. Take your time, tease her around the area and slowly arouse her senses. Remember that women give more importance to the foreplay part. Treat her vagina like a delicate flower, the most erogenous zone and give it all the attention it deserves!